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Trio-projekt Ltd. provides following services: projecting, building, survey, real estate business and consulting. Our project designers are members of The Croatian chamber of architects and engineers. We also provide services in a building materials commerce, counselling and representation of foreign companies in Croatia.


In short...



Trio-projekt d.o.o. was founded in 2005. and we can proudly say that today our team has four experts from various areas of architecture and civil engineering.



Our vision is to become a respectable project bureau with a round working cycle in making space for a pleasant residence and working environment.



Our mission is to provide a highly professional services in the field of projecting, building, survey and a real estate business.

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OVERSEAS TRADE Co. Ltd. d.o.o.

OVERSEAS TRADE Co. Ltd. d.o.o.

Designing project, location and building permit for a distribution center, facility size 5.500m2, re-dividing of the construction site, geotechnical investigations.

ZAGORKA d.o.o., Bedekovčina

ZAGORKA d.o.o., Bedekovčina

A survey during the construction of the production drive, size 1900m2.

GRADING d.o.o., Bedekovčina

GRADING d.o.o., Bedekovčina

A survey during the construction of the furniture showroom in Bedekovčina, facility size 3000m2.